Artist in Residence Burton Agnes Hall

  • By Lesley Seeger
  • 16 Mar, 2017
Really looking forward to being Artist in Residence at Burton Agnes Hall from 21st April. I will be able to immerse myself in the beautiful gardens and house just as Spring is well under way. Last year when I visited this glorious and charismatic place I was inspired to produce several paintings of the gatehouse which all quickly found new homes. It will be interesting, a year later, to spend some extended time there and see what inspiration I find. I am looking forward to the opportunity to concentrate totally on painting and being creative without any outside distractions. This will be my first experience, after twenty five years of being a professional artist, of finding this unique time. I am so excited about it and am sure some special work will be produced. Please visit me in my shared studio in the summer house. Cards and prints of past paintings of Burton Agnes Hall will be available as well copies of my first book Coming Home- a mid career retrospective of my paintings.

Please visit my website for information on me and my work and also the painting courses I run throughout the year. Looking forward to seeing you at Burton Agnes Hall in April.
By Lesley Seeger 27 Jul, 2017
I've been painting out in the fields around Huttons Ambo in this boiling hot weather. Quite excited about this new work which has reached places I have never been before.
By Lesley Seeger 05 Jul, 2017
During my residency in Burton Agnes Hall, Emilie Flower created the above video, documenting how I developed the range of paintings, 'Variations on a Vase.'
By Lesley Seeger 28 Jun, 2017
We have been sailing around the Saronic Islands and the Argolic Gulf in Greece. In-between pulling ropes I sometimes manage to squeeze in a few quick sketches to work into paintings when I return.
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