Commissioned Painting of Painsthorpe

  • By Lesley Seeger
  • 20 Apr, 2017
Just finished a commission of Painsthorpe in the Yorkshire Wolds and am really pleased with it, as thankfully is its new owner. I really enjoyed conveying the special soft light colours you find in the Wolds; the chalky whiteness and the special quality of the light. The Wolds are so spacious and gentle.

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I love doing commissions, they always help me expand my practice and have produced some of my best work.

If you'd like to discuss commissioning a painting with me, feel free to email me or phone me. Contact me .
By Lesley Seeger 30 Sep, 2017
Really enjoyed painting this commission of Rosedale. Commissions are a great opportunity to hone painterly skills. In some ways I really liked the simplicity of the early stages but it had to be taken further and the brief was lots of warm colour.
By Lesley Seeger 24 Sep, 2017
Fantastic two day painting workshop in Huttons Ambo with students from far away places such as Wales and Australia. Thank you all so much you talented lot. The landscape around Huttons Ambo has been brought to life in a new and unique way. 

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By Lesley Seeger 27 Aug, 2017
Someone once sent me a little saying in an anonymous ‘share a special part of a poem with a stranger’ project.
It went something like this...

In the darkest part of the dark night - the light comes.

At the time I tossed it to one side dismissively as somehow not coming up to the mark in the profundity I was seeking.

However, it stayed with me and came to mind again when I made the arduous journey from ‘Helmsley Walled Garden’ to ‘Falling Cups’.
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