Mud and Chillies

  • By Lesley Seeger
  • 03 May, 2016

My first book, an upcoming mid-career retrospective

A mid-career retrospective of my painting career is due out in November to coincide with my exhibition at The Biscuit Factory .  Mud and Chillies (A working title) promises to be a good read as well as a visual delight with over 50 photographs of my work and the story of my influences and artistic development. 
By Lesley Seeger 27 Jul, 2017
I've been painting out in the fields around Huttons Ambo in this boiling hot weather. Quite excited about this new work which has reached places I have never been before.
By Lesley Seeger 05 Jul, 2017
During my residency in Burton Agnes Hall, Emilie Flower created the above video, documenting how I developed the range of paintings, 'Variations on a Vase.'
By Lesley Seeger 28 Jun, 2017
We have been sailing around the Saronic Islands and the Argolic Gulf in Greece. In-between pulling ropes I sometimes manage to squeeze in a few quick sketches to work into paintings when I return.
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