Lesley Seeger
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Lesley Seeger - A Contemporary Colourist


Living in an area of outstanding natural beauty, I am immersed in landscape from dawn to dusk. Painting in fields and hiding canvases under hedges until the previous layer is dry, I feel the soil is in my pulse...


British Expressionist Painter of Landscape and Still Life

Harvest Moon - 3ft x 3ft - acrylic on birch ply on linen by Lesley Seeger
Hi-Summer-Ripe Corn before the Storm - 2ft x 2ft - acrylic on board by Lesley Seeger
Hi-Summer Patchwork Fields in July - 2ft x 2ft - acrylic on board by Lesley Seeger

“Lesley’s work charms, with playful interweaving between a real and imaginary world. The use of bold colour and clever composition combines to convey an individual story behind each work.”
“In the evening I felt happier and more relaxed than I had been all year! Working alongside other artists with a sensitive tutor instead of doing my time in solitary. Those first little sketches gave me more pleasure than anything I had laboured over.”
— workshop student SARAH M.
Rosedale 4ftx2ft acrylic on canvas.jpg

Notes from The Studio and Beyond