Sailing in Lanzarote

Sailing in Lanzarote-3.jpg

I just got back from a sailing holiday in Lanzarote and although I have finally decided that sailing is not really me, I was actually entranced by Lanzarote.  

For an artist, Lanzarote is a very visually exciting space. The very starkness and the black volcanic rock, sets off everything else which is not volcanic rock. The racing, puffy, ever changing cloudscape, the white buildings, the green sculptural cacti. The place is like a big gallery of blank spaces where everything that is in it has space to breath.

I am looking forward to producing a collection of Lanzarote paintings and am also applying for an Artist residency there next year. This has also shown me the new direction of my work which is to record very different landscapes in very different looking countries.

Emma George